It all started with a job at Burger King
Fresh out of college I spent 7 years working 10+ hours a day, 6 days a week as a manager at different restaurants until my ankle exploded.

One night in a walk-in cooler I thought I stepped in something wet but when I look down I saw blood. My own blood from an ulcer on my ankle.

That ended my career in the hospitality industry. My doctor suggested a job where I could put my foot up because even though the ulcer healed, the pain didn’t.

From cooking to communicating
How do you land a job at a production company in Miami without any formal graphic design training or experience on your resume? By oozing confidence and taking home-cooked treats into the crew every day!

This opportunity took me on the exciting path of creating presentations for Fortune-500 companies. When that business was sold, I was able to freelance and start my own desktop publishing and web design company.

Looking for healing in all the wrong places
Meanwhile, I was still in pain. Going from doctor to doctor, trying pain meds (that lasted a year), getting test after test, and finally deciding to go outside the medical community for help.

My journey was all over the map. There wasn’t anything I wouldn’t try at least once. Then one of my fellow-travelers introduced me to a visitor from Italy who shared his “treatment” with me. He spoke Italian and my Spanish-speaking friend translated best she could while we tapped a few spots on my face and torso and hands.

But when the tapping was done the pain was gone!

From typing to tapping
Tapping was so freaking easy (and a bit freaky) that after a few months of staying pain-free, I jumped head first into the EFT training offered by its developer, Gary Craig. My only intention was learning how the heck tapping could take away the pain.

You know how some things take on a life of their own? After a few months of tapping on anyone within reach, my friends requested I teach them the technique. After a two hour workshop, they turned around and paid me.

Money talks! It took me about a year to completely close my graphics business and start tapping full-time.

Are you a psychologist?
No. But I understand a good deal about how people – especially people in pain – think. And what the energy system has to do with us creating habits that seem to control our lives. And what to do about it.

You see, early on when teaching EFT to doctors, psychologists, therapists, and others who understood what goes on in the brain and body a lot better than I did, I had no idea what many of their questions meant, let alone how to answer them.

Self-preservation led me to train under the big names in the field: Gary Craig (of course), Donna Eden (Energy Medicine), David Feinstein (Energy Psychology), Dr. Larry Nims (BSFF), Sandi Radomski (Allergy Antidotes), Tapas Fleming (TAT), and other innovators in the field. 

I’m not a body-worker, either, but I took classes in Touch for Health (Applied Kinesiology) and learned muscle testing/energy checking from many different people.

They say teaching is the way to learn – so I read, studied, took classes, and taught.

The most exciting part – I’m still learning!

All that knowledge, when meshed with my own experience, helps me give you a unique perspective on how to use energy therapy for a healthier, happier, more vibrant life.

That’s my story
Looking back on my life, can you see the reason for the pain? If my ankle didn’t explode, I wouldn’t have been in pain, and I wouldn’t have been searching for help. I wouldn’t have found tapping and become one of the pioneers in the field, combining EFT and Energy Medicine before the turn of the century. (God, that makes me sound old!)

Was it destiny or was it fate? (That’s another essay). All I know is that I was smart enough to go with the flow and follow where heaven was leading me.

My journey gave me some wonderful tools. I love distilling what’s true and making it understandable so you can easily incorporate this knowledge into YOUR life. Knowledge is empowering.

What’s your story?
Bottom line is most of what I share and teach are self-help techniques. You can get help from me, but it is really up to you. Are you going to ignore the evolution of energy becoming more powerful than matter? Or are you going to go with the flow, embrace the vibrant world we live in and learn how to support your energy system and live a more joyful, productive, and meaningful life?

I vote for love!
Sharing the energy of love & light,



Gwenn Bonnell

Gwenn Bonnell

Gwenn Bonnell is a certified Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) Practitioner based in the Ft. Lauderdale, Florida area. She has been sharing Energy Psychology and Energy Medicine through private session and group workshops in south Florida and worldwide since 1998.

A member of ACEP (Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology), Gwenn is a yearly contributor to the Tapping World Summit, an online global EFT Meridian Tapping event that reaches over 500,000 people. This year, Gwenn is presenting at the 2nd Annual International Gathering of Eden Energy Medicine (IGEEM).

You can catch Gwenn walking her rescue dogs at the local park every morning. An active athlete, she incorporates a daily energy medicine routine into her bicycling, swimming and yoga to stay young-at-heart. And you can ask her anything you want to know about the Miami Heat – GO HEAT!


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