Money Problems Can Be a Pain: The Law of Attraction, Affirmations, The Temporal Tap and EFT

Money Stress Can Be A Pain

I was skeptical when I first heard about the Temporal Tap, but began experimenting with it using an affirmation to increase self-esteem and attract abundance. Five days later, I was handed a totally unexpected check for over $18,000! Within two weeks, our investments went up over $75,000 AND we bought a house on the beach. Learn how you can harness the power of the Temporal Tap!

Hi from Gwenn,

Sometimes I just open the paper and read “news” that seems more like “old” common sense.

Like the article in Thursday’s Miami Herald about the chairman and CEO of SunTrust’s speech citing “studies show that a major cause of stress is money, and those who relate their financial stress as high often report less sleep, less patience, eating more junk food, and arguing more.”

DUH! This is news? That money problems cause stress which can lead to sleepless nights, relationship problems, overeating (and other addictive behavior), which all can factor into physical pain and discomfort?

But I gotta give them credit – SunTrust gives their employees a day off, called “a day of purpose”- to work on their “financial fitness.” (Ooops – does that cause a stress reaction in you?)

The article doesn’t say if this is one day a month one day a year. While I applaud their efforts, because we often don’t take the time to take a good look at our money situation, we all know that changing our money-vibration is more important that just taking a day off.

Because there’s more than just “thinking” our way rich, as in the promise of the Law of Attraction.

While it’s true that thought precedes matter, and chances are that negative thoughts will lead to negative life situations and vice versa, there’s another important component in the equation: your emotions!

Are Your Affirmations Working for You?

The emotions that vibrate through your entire being – whether conscious or unconscious – are often the driving force behind whether your “positive” affirmations about money (or anything else) become reality.

You are aware of some emotional responses that are holding you back. Such as when you look at that little sticky paper on your bathroom mirror that reads “I easily attract more money into my life” and your thought is, “Yeah, right, it’s never been easy for me, and right now it’s not easy for anyone, the economy is a mess and it doesn’t look to improve anytime soon.”

Or maybe you seem totally congruent with an abundant universe and easily attracting money, but you’re still waiting for your bank account to reflect your intentions. Could be your parents fought about money, and somehow a fear that you might not even know you have about fighting about money is stopping you from accruing riches in any economy.

The Temporal Tap

Temporal-Tap-Chart So how do you test whether or not emotional blocks or negative vibes about money are stopping your affirmations in their tracks?

You can use the Temporal Tap.

What is the Temporal Tap? It’s an energy technique that calms the part of the nervous system that holds onto old habits.

Simply tapping on the head beginning at your temple and following a path up around the top of the ear makes the brain more receptive to learning new habits and instilling affirmations.

Doing the Temporal Tap helps override a lot of “energetic” resistance your system might have by “tapping in” your affirmation around the Temporal-Sphenoidal suture in your skull. Plus the action of tapping around the top of your ear helps sedate the triple-warmer meridian flight-or-flight fear response.

How Fast Should Affirmations Work?

So instead of taking months for an affirmation to take hold, as long as your emotions and energies are in line with your affirmation, it should take only DAYS for the results to show in your life when you’re tapping in your affirmation with the Temporal Tap.

For example, when I first found out about the Temporal Tap, I experimented with it using an affirmation designed to boost my self-esteem, and within FIVE DAYS I was handed a totally unexpected check for over $18,000.00!!!

Time out here: Your life is ALWAYS showing you the results of what you are affirming. Just maybe you’re not aware of the thoughts and emotions that are creating your reality.

That’s the beauty of the Temporal Tap – it’s a great way to test how congruent you are with your affirmation.

For example, if you want a raise at work and Temporal Tap for “I easily and quickly attract more money in my paycheck because I am doing such an awesome job and my boss appreciates me” for a couple of days and you get fired (!) you know your energies and emotions are not congruent with your affirmation.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be so dramatic. But if you’re not seeing any raises or bonuses come your way in just a few days, it’s time to consider you need to dig a little deeper in your own psyche and discover what’s really holding you back.

Clear Your “Affirmation Blocks” With EFT

The best way to clear your affirmation blocks that I know of is with EFT tapping. Because as the tapping process clears the layers of your mental, emotional, and energetic blocks, it helps your affirmations take hold immediately.

And I just gave a workshop (very inspiring, acc’d to attendees) on the 5-Steps to Manifesting Any Goal using EFT and the Temporal Tap.
Read the Blog Post or CATCH THE REPLAY and learn how to use Power Vision Tapping to get results fast!

Here’s to your success!

Love & light,

Gwenn Bonnell


PS Even if your finances are okay, try the Temporal Tap for anything you want to change in your life.

Not only does it help change habits, some clients and students have used it successfully for pain relief!

Use your imagination and let me know how it works for you =>

PPS As Nick says, “True bliss is reached when you have the freedom and the ability to do what you want to do, and the emotional strength to fully enjoy it, for both yourself and the people in your life who you get to help. That’s where the real magic happens.”

Put some magic in your life with my Power Vision Tapping program at

PPSS What was the affirmation I used to attract the thousands of dollars and the beach house? Leave a comment if you want to know!

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  1. Gwenn Bonnell
    5 years ago

    Hi Gwenn

    Thank u for ur newsletter about Temporal Tapping….I am a bit confused…is the right side u tap on or left side also I read that the right and left are positive & negative and that u have to say a negative before a positive will work….doing on both sides….What are ur thoughts on this? What kind of affirmation can u give me some example for health
    Thank u Dawn

  2. Gwenn Bonnell
    5 years ago

    Hi Dawn,
    When I first learned the Temporal Tap from Dr Larry Nims, he said to tap on whichever side you feel more comfortable and use the positive affirmation. He muscle tested to show us this works. I think if you use EFT to be clear about your affirmation you can do it this way and see what results you get.
    Donna Eden explains how to uses both sides… and to use a “negative” affirmation on the left side. Something like “I accept myself even though I NO LONGER have this pain in my knee…” (The “no longer” sort of turns a negative into a positive statement).
    You want to focus on a specific aspect of your health, and create an affirmation for that. Do you have a specific area of your health that you want to use for the Temporal Tap?

  3. Gwenn Bonnell
    5 years ago

    OK I’ve had so many emails asking about the affirmation I used designed to boost self-esteem & attract abundace.. It was given to me by a friend who got it directly from Leonard Orr, the father of rebirthing. I changed the wording around to fit my vocabulary (note: that’s a secret to a successful temporal tap – the affirmation has got to resonate with you). I used: “Right now, I deeply and completely love and accept myself in the presence of other people.”
    PS Let me know if that resonates with you?